Slow Down

Slow Down

Maintain a spirit that is interruptible for others. ~ Iyhia McMichael

Waiting is never easy, and especially hard for someone like myself who likes to have everything mapped out. I do believe that it is necessary to be prepared for our daily lives, but what I have learned is that we still have to maintain a space within ourselves where we are interruptible for people. I recently joined a local gym, and I had everything all planned out in regards to goals I wanted to make for  this summer. So, when I walked into the gym I had blinders on. I checked in, walked my son to the daycare room, and started to head towards the cardio equipment. But as I was headed to the elliptical machine, I heard a voice of a former teammate who called my name and was happy to see me.

Psalm 37:7 “Be still in the presence of The Lord, and wait patiently for him to act.” (NLT)

When I started to talk to my fiend, I realized how much I enjoyed catching up  for lost time, and through our conversation I was encouraged by her spiritual journey. She didn’t realize it a the time, but  what she was telling me was exactly what I needed to hear; that I needed to be patient with The Lord and his plan is always worth the wait. After our conversation, I realized that it is ok for me to have plans, but that by becoming too rigid I may miss opportunities to be encouraged or become an encourager for someone else. Sometimes God answers our prayers through people, but we will miss it if we aren’t careful. I am thankful that God is always interruptible for us no matter what is going on.

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