I have come to love Saturdays. The smell of morning coffee, the sunlight squeezing through the blinds and my lil man kissing me on the cheek ready to face the day full on.

He starts my day with smiles and laughter. The best feeling is when he crawls to lay his head on my chest or when I pick him up and he squeezes  my neck so tight.

The love that I have for him puts in perspective how much my parents love me. I get it now! Its immeasurable!

Some days I fall short and I have to forgive myself. He is teaching me more than any books that I have read or any lecture I have heard.   Ian deserves the best of me everyday and the only way I can hive him my best is to stay healthy.

He greets me with a smile and my troubles melt away.  I wish I could record his laugh and pull it  out and play it whenever I’m having a bad day.

But Saturday has become our day. Our day to go where we please. All rules are out. No schedules, no demands just us.

We can stay in our pajamas or we can be out and about but either way its the one day that we are “off the hook”. The one day we get to make our own rules and choices and if we wanna go we can but if not we won’t.

It’s the day we get to let our walls down and be silly. Chasing the dogs or each other.

It’s a great day! One I have come to love. A day where all bets are off.

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