I have posted before about the importance of making decisions and sticking to them. So many times I have heard good information but failed to take a stance, and  it has caused me to deal with the same issues for far too many years. It’s amazing to me how I can hear something over and over again and finally it clicks. It can be the smallest word or the simplest phrase. This has been ground breaking news for my life! And although it hasn’t happend overnight I can tell a huge difference when my emotions do stir up, it has allowed me to stand firmly behind my decison and it is a “Waiting to Exhale”  moment. 

I know with coaching I see and hear  a lot of great ideas that other coaches have. But I have to be careful with implenting these new ideas because they may not fit me. I ask myself  “Is this me?” ” Is this philosophy or idea something that I can hold on to throughout my season or will it just get in the way?”

 Sometimes it’s good every now and then to do some self reflecting to figure out,” is this working for me or am I trying to make it work? “Am I doing this because I want to or because I’m holding on to something that doesn’t really apply to me?

I think we need to do the same with our life. Are we holidng on to ideas, and expectations that are getting in the way? Or did they fit your life then but now you have to tweak it to fit your life now. I think that’s where the frustration sets in when we start trying to make something that use to work still work and now its just outdated.

With all that being said I have  looked back over the patterns of my life and I am happy to say that by the grace of God he is slowly changing me. When I stop pressing and let God take control it  becomes so easy.  In due time God  reveals everything I need to know. I heard something today from Joyce Meyer that was so profound she said “Worrying is the down payment of things that might not ever happen.” Which has been so true in my life. Sometimes I get so worried about how I think things should be or how they might turn out that I can’t see past the day before me. What  waste of time and effort. Shame on me for allowing my emotions to take over. When I think about all that I do have to be thankful for it puts my circumstances to shame.

 I am learning  that I have to give myself time to make a sound decision. I always get  great ideas and great thoughts and I end up  making rash decisions. I have found that I like doing that because I love to have finality. I love for things to be settled and in a place. So, I put unnecessary pressure on myself and give myself imaginary timelines  and I always end up disappointed.   I start questioning myself. “Did i make the right decision.?” “Am i doing the right thing?”  If I  allowed myself to sift through all of those thoughts before I take a stance I will be able to stand behind my decision despite my emotions.

If I don’t stay in tune with God it is so easy to  revert back to my old ways because of comfort. But when I think  of how times those ways have left me  confused, frustrated, and stressed. It gives me courage to  let go and let God. Easier said than done but if I focus on the past instances that God has come through it encourages me to continue to trust him.

My fear is the other side of my faith or the unknown. What does it look like? Sometimes I strain so hard to see what’s  on  the other side that I drive myself crazy. And again, it never works! God is wanting me to completely say “I dont know what is on the other side but I know as long as you are with me it will be ok.” Everything in my body tenses up even as I type those words and say them out loud.  But I know that with God, if I continue to wait for my feelings to catch up with what the word of God says then I will experience a lifetime of disappointment and unfulfillment.


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