Letters to Him..

I had this idea a while ago to start a journal for my future husband. When I first thought of it, I shied away from the idea. So, as usual, I pushed it to the side. But, the more I kept thinking about the idea, the more I wanted to pursue it.

So, this Christmas (how appropriate) I received a new journal and I decided to dedicate it to him. I thought that it would be pretty cool to present to him on our wedding day of the thoughts, quotes, dreams, and stories that led up to the day we actually met. Now, I will be honest, part of me hopes that I don’t fill the entire journal up before I meet him and the other part of me hopes that it doesn’t happen so soon that I don’t get it filled up. (As you can see I’m still growing..lol)

Over the course of my spiritual journey, I have realized that God speaks to me pretty vividly in my dreams. I have many to share (in later blogs) about my future husband. They are so vivid that sometimes I wake up and feel like its already happened. And when I have those dreams, I always wander if God is speaking to “Him” at the same time. If he is having the same dream that I am having. The thought of that in itself is pretty profound to me.

I remember telling my friend that the day we finally do meet that he will literally be the “man of my dreams.” I feel God is  not only preparing us in our individual lives, but he also allows us to “check-in” with each other from time to time in our dreams.

The dreams have progressed in that when they first started, I would always see the outline of him, never his face. But, when I was in Asia, I finally got to see his face, but it wasn’t crystal clear it was a little out of focus. 

I know that I am a sentimental person, and I have accepted that and I know that if I want a Man of God like I have expressed to my Lord and Savior that I will spend more time in the “waiting room.” So, I have surrendered my search. Although I have thought about online dating, I can’t quite come to terms with it in my life. Every time I start it I have this huge sense of “this is not what I called you to do” feeling come over me. So, I have accepted that I must WAIT! And to be honest, at this point, I’m completely ok with it. I have moved on in my singleness and now think of it as a blessing and not a curse, because I am able to pursue God without distraction. And, I understand that my geographic location has no bearing on what God can do.

Although, it may seem silly to some, I think it would be the perfect gift on our wedding day and possibly even a published book 🙂 Regardless, I have decided to WRITE, GROW, and WAIT!

Letters to Him..

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  1. I don’t believe that it’s silly that your keeping a journal to dedicate to your future husband. When it is time, God will allow the two of you to meet. It will happen when you least expect it. When we are single, it is a great time to continue to focus and strengthen our relationship with God because when He does bless us with our desire, we are going to have to continue to make God priority in our lives and sometimes we will fall off track with our priorities when God blesses us. I said that to say this, we must keep our focus on God and His promises and continue to grow strong in the Word so that we will be strong enough to balance everything when the blessing comes. Take full advantage of this wait!!! Make it a wonderful wait!!

    Tanelda December 28, 2013 at 1:36 pm #

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