I cannot help but to smile right now. I feel so good.   The things that I thought meant so much to me are now hardly in my “thought cyle.” Sometimes I have to stop and wander where they went. And even then, when I try to find them there is no connection. That’s when I realize how good God really is. Its one thing to say it but its another to KNOW it. Once I get myself out of the way the pathway to “vision”  is so much clearer.

And what I KNOW now is that in the book  Isaish 558-9 “My thoughts are completely different from yours,”..” and my ways are far beyond anything you could imagine. For just as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts higher than your thoughts.” I have been meditating and saying this scripture  over and over but again but now it  has taken on a life of its own. Now I can say that I KNOW whatI KNOW. And with God’s word its like all of a sudden I look around and realize that things have changed in ways that I never saw coming.

I know one thing that I have constantly told my bestie is that if I’m going to go through this “storm” I want to make sure that I do it God’s way. I do not want the dust to settle and have dust in my face.  I would rather go through hurt and end up getting better God’s way than to go through hurt and end up in the same spot.

Its kind of like working out. I don’t feel good at the end of it when I know  I didnt give it my all. But its something to be said about taking a stance and making a decision. Once I  realize that my back is against the wall and there is no way to get to my destination but to “go through” that’s when I grit  my teeth and just do it because I know  the victory will be so sweet!

I have made a transitionin my life.  I am letting go of my “lifelines” and truly trusting God. I”m standing firm in my decision to trust God and I know that sometimes my decisions might seem crazy and people may not understand but I”m going to do it. So, at the end I can give all the glory to God.

It’s not easy letting God of my own futuristic plans of how I would like for things to look. I have stopped making plans and forcing God to work within my plans. That system is not working in fact, it never works, it just leaves me frustrated and confused.  Instead, I present them to God and  pray that he show me the way if I am off track.

There is reward for this new technique that I have incorporated into my life and its called..patience(smirking) I am learning that soemthings are so worth the wait. And when I do wait  God, plans work a lot smoother and I am  more calmer.

Another theme I am  incorporating into my life is that when  God says it..we get to claim it. We dont have to pray for it we already have it. We don’t have to pray for peace, we already have it. It’s just a matter of us taking ownership of it.

When the bible says in Mathew 6:32-34 for us not to worry..then we need not to worry. When the bible says in John 14:27  that he left us with peace then its ours.When the bible speaks in Isaiah 55:8-9  that our ways are not like his then we need to let go. I know that sounds so simple but  I have finally taken ownership of what that means for me. God really does love me and his word is for me too!  God’ didn’t foget me! He didn’t  leave me out of his plan! There is something better for me.

This is a big awakening for me. You mean to tell me that God loves me? Iyhia McMichael? Wow! that is wonderful news. I am slowly letting God fill all of my voids that I have looked for other people and thingsto  fill for so long.  But the revelation that God gives me is life changing and lasting.

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