I was blind now I see

Lately I have been experienceing the Love of God like I’ve never experiened before.

When  I look at my circumstances I have every reason to crumble.  But I have decided to see Gods plan all the way through no matter how much it hurts or doesn’t make sense.

I have done it my way before and I have  questioned myself into confusion, doubted God, and eventually found myself in the same place I started.

It has taken me a while to grasp the concept that Gods way of thinking doesn’t always fall into the “this makes sense” category.  Like he says in Isaiah 55:8-9

Because I’m a black and white thinker this concept took so long for me to understand.

I had a hard time understanding why I needed to love people when I didn’t like them like it says in Luke 6:35 or to forgive someone who has hurt me to my soul like it says in Luke 6:27-29

I thought God would understand that my hurt was greater, that my pain ran deeper. But God is not a respecter of people. We are all expected to live up to the standard which is Gods word. 

Once I realized that I had to do it too my life got a lot easier to handle  and I am able to see how long, how wide, and how deep Gods love is for me.

God revealed to me this week that he has answered a prayer for me that I didn’t even realize.

I had been praying for good friends in my hometown for about a year and I realized that I have that now.

What a difference a year makes. Not only do I have a good group of friends here I have a stronger bond with my family.

God is so good.

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