Happy Fathers Day

I’m thankful to you for providing such a great example of what a dad is suppose to be like. You worked relentlessly for 34 years at Nacogdoches High school, pouring your very being into the hearts and souls of your athletes, demanding the very best from each one of them. I remember playing in Bell gym with the two big box fans blowing as hard as they could only to provide a smidgen of cool air. I sat there and watched and observed everything you did. I saw you yell, but in the some breath I saw you encourage. I saw how the athletes pushed themselves with sweat dripping to the floor as they gasped for air to run that last suicide. As a young kid it was incredible to watch how they were willing to push themselves to the limit yes, for the team, but also for you. But to me, the most incredible part was how you were able to get them to push that hard. And while they were huffing and puffing with their hands clasped behind their heads, you would always walk around to tell them they did a good job.

I saw in you your willingness to coach everyone. It didn’t matter if they were the most talented or least talented everyone got the same coaching, that was incredible to me. You always thought that I was playing in your coaches office, and I was, but what you  didn’t  realize is that each pat on the back, each huddle, each yell, each encouragement  I saw you give your athletes,  it inspired me intrinsically to do my very best. I was never jealous of the time you spent with the other athletes because, no matter how late you worked or how hot it was, you never complained, and you always found energy to pour into me and encourage me to become the best I could ever be. So yes, some people criticize me by saying  that I’m trying to carry on my dad’s legacy and I say, ABSOLUTELY, what a great legacy to carry on. I want people to say about me what they say about you, “that because of you, I am a better person.” What a powerful statement.

We struggled a little in high school because of course I was “miss independent.” But your love and consistency never wavered,  and you still came to me on Monday mornings and handed me my money for the week, you still showed up to my volleyball games after football practice and you were always there at the scores table in basketball to give me that last little advice before I checked in. I loved having in the stands. Just seeing you there with your arms folded, it made me want to work harder so I could make you proud.

I’ve seen how hard you work to  provide for our family and for me, it was so reassuring to know that no matter what happened, I knew without a shadow of a doubt that you loved me. I never had to question it! I was a great athlete because you set such a great example, and I am striving to become a great coach because you showed me how. There were many opportunities for you to move on and advance in your career, but you rode the wave of the ups and downs of the Dragons.

Now, as a single mother, I pray for a man like you, someone to come into me and Ian’s life and not miss a beat. Someone who has a gentle spirit and open heart to love us both, because that is what you did for me and mama. You are our saving Grace, and yes we are tough to love, but you had feet that we planted to stay and not run away and for that, I am thankful! You will always always be my DAD. HAPPY FATHERS DAY.




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Happy Fathers Day

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  1. What a great tribute to your Dad!

    Linda Davis June 14, 2014 at 8:44 pm #
  2. I think that was very Heart felt.

    Beverly June 14, 2014 at 11:35 pm #

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