The song goes, “There is power in the name of Jesus to break every chain, break every chain, to break every chain.”

I must admit, I was a little nervous entering this all girls trip (not because of the people I was traveling with), but because I am a person who needs space. So I prayed, exhaled, and said, “Ok God, here we go!”

From the time I met up with these ladies, until the time I left I have NEVER felt more humbled, appreciative, loved, and accepted by a group of people. The most unlikely group of people by far, completely orchestrated and ordained by God to be lifted up and called to a higher purpose, I must say I am truly blessed.

With this group of ladies, it didn’t matter what your skin color was or your age. We spoke candidly about LIFE. We spoke about our valleys, we spoke about our journeys, and we spoke about our mountaintops. I didn’t tire of being surrounded by my friends, in fact, I was saddened that it came to an end. Then it dawned on me, “You don’t tire of a good thing.” Friendship is and has always been held in the highest regard for me. To have friends where you never question their loyalty, acceptance, and intentions is not only welcomed it’s appreciated.

To my friends who loved me through my pain, saw my flaws and said, “I choose you anyway,” who includes me, prays for me, who asks how I’m doing and sticks around to not only wait for my REAL answer, but nurtures me through it, I am thankful, truly thankful to be accepted by you.

This “friend-cation” was necessary to solidify much more than laughter, tears, and memories. During our time away, by the grace of God we were all…


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  1. Well said my precious friend. Friends are God’s gifts to us to show His love. So grateful you are His gift to me!

    Meredith September 3, 2017 at 11:44 pm #

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