Dark Roads

Dark Roads

“The place beyond the light which appears to be dark, is truly where the light of the Lord shines!” ~Iyhia McMichael

     This past weekend, I spent many long hours recruiting at the softball fields. I loved that I had the opportunity to watch athletes play the sport I fell in love with at the age of five. Although I enjoyed watching games, the long hours were hard and that particular trip was different because, not only did I  put in long hours at the field, I then had to drive an hour and half back home; then turn around and do it again the next day. As I drove home on the dark,  narrow, two-lane, curvy roads, I found myself straining to see beyond what my headlights illuminated for me to see. I leaned closer to the steering wheel with clinched hands, tense shoulders, and a craned neck, straining to see further than my eyes would allow. I was anxious of the unfamiliar roads and I had a mistrust in my ability to see what lied ahead.  As I veered to the right,  I heard the whisper of the Holy Spirit who reminded me to RELAX and TRUST.

“Everything that is now hidden or secret will eventually be brought to light. Anyone who is willing to hear should listen and understand!” Mark 4:22-23 (NLT)

      When I heard the voice of the Holy Spirit, I felt myself relax from the inside out. I felt the tension release from my head, my fingers, and my shoulders. As my back relaxed against the seat, I was empowered when I recognized that I did not have to do this by myself. Even in the darkest of night, the Holy Spirit still illuminated my soul. His gentle whisper was powerful enough to break my doubting thoughts, and he showed me that where my human sight stopped is where my FAITH began. I was immediately comforted in knowing that I WAS NOT NOR WILL I EVER BE ALONE!  I finished my sixty mile drive home on that dark two lane road, relaxed and with a smile on my face knowing that even though the place beyond the light appeared to be dark, that is truly where the light of the Lord shines!


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