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Mountain top

Since I was a little girl, I remember looking at houses positioned on the top of a mountain top and imagining they represented people who were wealthy, successful, and powerful. I would create stories in my head of who they were and how they lived life on the mountain top. I would imagine the children […]

Still Standing

Still Standing “There is a book that I must write, and there is a book that I must publish.” ~Elizabeth Gilbert I wanted to share with all of you the introduction of my book Still Standing.  If I can be honest, it has taken me longer than I ever anticipated to finish this book for […]

Freedom Fighters “Don’t let fear suffocate your progression in moving forward.” ~Iyhia McMichael I am a dreamer by design and I love it. I oftentimes get lost in my own thoughts and visions that I have for myself and others. What I have found is that I love to dream because my thoughts, visions, and […]

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