Red, White, and Blue




I originally was going to blog about the joys of being a mother, but as I was driving home I found myself frozen still in time as I watched our great American flag waving against the afternoon breeze.  As I watched the red, white, and blue flag waving, I could not help but be engulfed by the intensity of the pain that others must be going through on this day. For most of us (self included) we relish in the joys of having a day off of work or not having to worry about bills coming or going.  But, as I saw those flags waving back and forth today, I can’t help but to hear the echo of the conversations amongst those who know so well the magnitude of what today means. I imagine the conversations go something like this, “To others, they look at it as a day off, but to us, it is a painful memory of what we have lost.” The freedoms we glorify in, is a direct result of lives lost in order to experience freedom.

Once I thought about the scope of our flag waving and what it truly meant, I wept. I wept for the men, women, and families who carry the loss of this day a little heavier than others. I wept for our youth who do not understand the cost of the freedom we have in our country. I wept for myself, who for years,  did not reflect back on what this day really means, and how easily I have taken it for granted.

I carry the burden of this day far different than I have ever done in the past. For the families who have men, women, children, grandchildren in the war, and those who have lost some in the war I salute you and thank you. I can only imagine that for you it is a painful reminder, but the rest of the world we carry on not even bothering to stop and respect this day, and reach out to those who need it the most. Our country has been desensitized to pain and sufferings for one another.  We can no longer carry a blind eye to those who are hurting, there has to be enough room in our hearts for others.

We can no longer go through this day thoughtless and “dutifully”, but out of respect. The red, white, and blue flag that waves against this East Texas breeze is one that signifies our freedom.

Today, I will vow to slow down and show my deepest respect for the men and women who have served this country well, and the family members who have labored many days and nights in support of loved ones.



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