Partner of Purpose

     I am excited to share this post!  It comes after a revelation I had with the purchasing of my new car. I went into the car dealership to specifically purchase a Tahoe. I had a one tracked mind and I wasn’t willing nor did I look at anything else.

     But when I got into the Tahoe something unexpected happened. I didn’t LOVE IT! and I was automatically in conflict because I was suppose to love it! Everyone else did, it was a Tahoe for goodness sakes, but I didn’t LOVE IT. When I drove it around, I tried to make myself love it, getting excited with all the bells & whistles along with the status of joining the Tahoe club, but I knew I didn’t LOVE IT and I wasn’t willing to pay for something I didn’t LOVE so I walked away.

     Then something else unexpected happened. The salesman offered me another car. One look at it and I said NO WAY. I didn’t have any interest in a Ford even though I went to a Ford dealership. I said, “No!” I don’t like Ford cars, they have transmission issues. He was persistent in saying, “JUST give it a try.”

     I decided to drive the car, but I do so with a negative attitude deeming that I would NOT  like that car! BUT,  with each mile I drove, I found myself liking it more and more. By the time I finished driving, I realized that what I originally was not considering, I ended up purchasing and loving.

     Wow! When I drove off the parking lot God said this, to me, “What I have for you is beyond what you think you want.” Wow! He is preparing me a Partner of Purpose. While I may think I have a list of all the must haves for my future husband, What God is telling me is to open my mind to new possibilities.

     While one of my strengths is being very goal oriented and narrowly focused, it can serve as a hindrance of having a one track mind. Just like the car, I would have missed out on something I LOVED  falling for something I LIKED! MY GOD! Thank you for that revelation and for showing me that while he may have been a car salesman getting a commission, there is someone who is willing to pursue me through my No’s.

     Through this experience, I have learned the man God has called into my life will not be discouraged by a NO. I learned the man God has called into my life may not be on MY list of what I think I want, but on God’s list of what he knows I NEED. I have learned that God will (just like he did with the car) will blow my mind with someone I least expected.


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Partner of Purpose

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  1. Yes, yes and YES!!!! ❤️❤️❤️

    Meredith November 21, 2017 at 9:09 pm #

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