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Encourage Yourself

Sometimes you have to look in the mirror and ENCOURAGE YOURSELF!

While I never dreamed I would live my life as a single mother, God equipped me with an inner strength I never knew I had. An inner strength in which to heal my scars, to heal my emotions, and to love through a heart in which he restored. While my marriage died, the birth of my dreams were born. Glory Be to God! Some laughed at my dreams, some discouraged me from pursuing my dreams, and some brushed them off us unattainable, but I knew what God called me to do.

Some said I couldn’t do it! That I couldn’t pursue my dreams while being a single mother; instead I needed to hold my dreams captive until THEY thought my child was of a certain age. In other words saying, I couldn’t do both! Some chastised me as a mother for having the audacity to dream, to pursue a purpose in which could cause me to spend some time away from my child; deeming my dreams as selfish. While I did stop and consider the naysayers, I found the motivation to press on.

Some said I couldn’t do it! That I couldn’t be a single mom and pursue my Masters Degree, and to be honest, they almost got me believing it. In those moments where I was sleep deprived, coming home late and waking up early inundated with the sole responsibility of caring for my child; I almost gave up! In those very hard moments I thought, “Maybe they are right, Maybe I can’t have both,” but it was in my doubt that God worked his assurance.

Some said I couldn’t do it! That I couldn’t continue on in pursuance of my Doctorate while being a single mother and coaching college softball; projecting onto my life their insecurities and trying to make them mine. And while coaching in college did bring on a different layer of challenges, and moments of doubt, I looked in the mirror and said, I CAN DO THIS! The voice of I CAN became louder than the voices of I CAN’T.

In those moments where I wanted to quit, where I cried myself to sleep, moments where I was hurting, lonely, confused, and engulfed in mom guilt; God SHOWED UP! He met me right where I was in my darkest hour! He clothed me with an extra layer of grace, an extra layer of perseverance, and an extra layer of strength to continue on with the dream he alone birthed within me. Now, through the grace of God, I have completed my coursework for my Doctorate, and continuing on to becoming Dr. Mac…Praise the most high God! 

I am here to say, sometimes you have to ENCOURAGE YOURSELF! Stay committed no mater how tough your circumstances may be, no matter how dark the moments may become, no matter how lonely you may feel, stay rooted in your purpose and trust God that he will supply all your needs day by day for he will do exceedingly abundantly more than we can ever ask. LOOK IN THE MIRROR AND ENCOURAGE YOURSELF!



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Encourage Yourself

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    This is Beautiful, Iyhia!! I never doubted you could and would accomplish your goals! You amaze me!❤️

    Missy October 22, 2017 at 2:07 am #
  2. Beyond proud of you!!!!

    Meredith October 23, 2017 at 6:55 pm #

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