Cheers to 2017

2017 was a year to be remembered. I wanted to share the Top 10 memories with you from this year, and give a HUGE THANK YOU for all your prayers, encouraging words, and support for me as I journey through this platform the Lord has given me. 2018, I’m ready for ya!

  1. I CHOSE MOM: I made every effort to put motherhood first this past year. The benefits of that decision was such a blessing. I encourage you to read more about that decision

2.  I discovered Athleta (a workout clothing store) and experienced Whole Foods Market; both of               which are not bank account friendly, but so worth the experience.

3. I hopped on a plane to visit a former college teammate in Ohio. Not only were we able to catch             up, but it was awesome to see our kids play together.

4. I met an amazing guy who showed me that I am worth pursuing. He challenged me in my faith               and encouraged me to become more of who God has called me to be.

5. I went on a Friend-Cation to Florida with the most amazing women. We laughed, we talked, we             stayed up way too late, we cried, and most importantly, we bonded.

6. I attended my first Friends-Giving.

7. I traveled to Europe to coach a softball team all while connecting with a high school and softball           friend, lost my luggage for 5 days, tweeted American Airlines way too much in order to get my               luggage back, stayed up way too late, connected with our awesome tour guy, and laughed (I                 mean really laughed) more times than I can remember.

8. I bought a car!

9. I went to my first NFL football game (Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Houston Texans) as a gift to my dad             from me and my sister.

10. I had the opportunity to be a guest blogger for Single Mothers for Christ. I wrote a piece                        entitled “Redefining Motherhood” this blog can be found on



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