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Encourage Yourself

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Sometimes you have to look in the mirror and ENCOURAGE YOURSELF! While I never dreamed I would live my life as a single mother, God equipped me with an inner strength I never knew I had. An inner strength in which to heal my scars, to heal my emotions, and to love through a heart […]



The song goes, “There is power in the name of Jesus to break every chain, break every chain, to break every chain.” I must admit, I was a little nervous entering this all girls trip (not because of the people I was traveling with), but because I am a person who needs space. So I […]

Time Away


     What’s always amazing to me is that no matter where we travel, Gods presence is always there; oftentimes for me I recognize and feel his gentle spirit the most when I step outside the mundane of my life. Taking a vacation without my son use to be something I felt guilty about, failing […]

Morning Meetings

Morning Meetings “Sometimes we have to be un-interruptable in order to love in the overflow.” ~Iyhia McMichael I realized about two years ago, that my morning quiet times are an essential part of my day that cannot be skipped. It is in those quiet moments that the Lord gives me my instructions for the day, […]

Still Standing

Still Standing “There is a book that I must write, and there is a book that I must publish.” ~Elizabeth Gilbert I wanted to share with all of you the introduction of my book Still Standing.  If I can be honest, it has taken me longer than I ever anticipated to finish this book for […]


Guilt “Finding the balance of selflessness and selfishness.” I recently had a play date for my son at the park, and while he was playing with his friend, I was able to have grown up conversations with his mom. I have noticed how vital those conversations and interactions are in my life. As we were […]

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