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Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunt “We have to become the hunter, instead of the hunted.” ~Iyhia McMichael I can remember as a young girl, I spent many of days in my room trying to understand WHY? I had the infatuation to look at people, things, and circumstances beyond the surface. I knew, even at a young age that […]

Either Way

Either Way Either way Lord, I will still serve you.~Iyhia McMichael Recently, I had to go to the ER for shortness of breath. I was diagnosed two weeks ago with a DVT (Deep Vein Tissue) blood clot in my right leg. Some of the symptoms of a DVT  are shortness of breath, chest pains, and […]

Moving On

Moving On “You never know where God will take us, we are his co-pilot.”~ Iyhia McMichael   When I decided to move back home, it was never my intention to stay more than a year. I thought that I would be able to resolve my debt, broken heart, and life within a year. But, as […]


Perception There may be a hidden perspective from a different view. ~Iyhia McMichael It has taken me two years to finally go to the doctor and get my foot checked out. Yes, stubborn is my middle name, but I just felt like it would go away. I continued to train, run, and pitch on my […]

        Sunday Morning Walk “When we make decisions based on purpose instead of logic, all the pieces seem to fall into place.”~Iyhia McMichael For the past month I have been searching and grasping to hear the voice of the Lord. I felt like when I needed him the most he went silent. […]

Closed Doors

One More “If you stare at something for too long it becomes blurry.” ~Iyhia McMichael I often say to my softball players, “What happens if you stare at the ball too long?” and with confused faces they look at me and shrug their shoulders. I tell them,”If you stare at the ball too long, it […]

Slow Down

Slow Down Maintain a spirit that is interruptible for others. ~ Iyhia McMichael Waiting is never easy, and especially hard for someone like myself who likes to have everything mapped out. I do believe that it is necessary to be prepared for our daily lives, but what I have learned is that we still have […]

Freedom Fighters “Don’t let fear suffocate your progression in moving forward.” ~Iyhia McMichael I am a dreamer by design and I love it. I oftentimes get lost in my own thoughts and visions that I have for myself and others. What I have found is that I love to dream because my thoughts, visions, and […]

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