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Keep Squeezing

Keep Squeezing “God continues to use us, squeeze us, and extend us so we can be re-used for his purpose.”~Iyhia McMichael After a long eleven day Spring Break trip, I was excited to get back into the comforts of my own space. Within those eleven days, I was able to see the great rolling hills […]

Human Wisdom

Human Wisdom “Nothing compares to the knowledge of Christ.” This past December I had the privilege of graduating with my masters in Education. When I was sitting in the chair, I was overwhelmed with so many emotions. I reflected on my initial decision to go back to school to pursue my masters, I thought of […]

Smooth Air

Smooth Air “It will be bumpy on the way up, but eventually you will come to a comfortable altitude.”~Iyhia McMichael Over the past couple of months, I have traveled many miles by air. I was excited to get to my final destination, but in order to get there I had to endure the journey. Although […]

Busyness Vs. Humbleness

Busyness Vs. Humbleness “Its not about how fast we get to the next task; it’s about how meaningful the journey is.” ~Iyhia McMichael Time has a way of becoming extremely important in the midst of an emergency. All of a sudden, all of the items on our “to do list” no longer seem important. This […]

Two are Better than One

Two are Better “Just when you think all hope is lost; look up, you might see a smiling face.”~Iyhia McMichael This Saturday, I was celebrating one of my greatest accomplishments in finishing my masters in Educational Leadership from S.F.A. Running parallel with graduation was the recovery of my dad, who just underwent open heart surgery. […]

A Soft Word

A Soft Word “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” ~ Albert Einstein As a mother I am always judging myself and questioning if what I am doing or saying is portrayed positively or negatively in my child’s eyes. I have learned from experience, that I am a […]

Did You Get Dressed?

Did You Get Dressed? “Without our internal wardrobe, we are bare.“~Iyhia McMichael I was getting dressed for a typical day of work and the Holy Spirit proposed this question to me.  “Did you really get dressed this morning?” At that moment, I realized how I am a creature of habit. I get up at the […]

Rough Roads

Rough Roads “We want change, but are we willing to go through the construction?” ~Iyhia McMichael When we see construction signs we immediately prepare ourselves for traffic jams, impatience, and alternate routes. Although we like the finished product of construction, we do not like the process of it. We live in a society where we […]

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