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Take the Chance

It’s always a special time when you can experience life beyond the environment that started the friendship. To go from strangers, to teammates, to moms is such an incredible journey and to now have our kids experience not only the friendship made between their moms, but to create their own is truly a blessing. 1 […]

Life is a Classroom

Traveling is always stressful, and even more so when you add kids in the mix. I knew today would be a long day of traveling, so I prepared myself as much as I could asking God to please layer me with an extra dose of patience. What does God do? Just like the old adage […]

Blank Slate

  This morning I found the singular act of turning to a blank page in my journal to be satisfying. As I turned the page, a powerful yet unexpected moment happened as I watched the new page cover up the old page. Looking at my old thoughts being covered up did not by any means […]


Mountain top

Since I was a little girl, I remember looking at houses positioned on the top of a mountain top and imagining they represented people who were wealthy, successful, and powerful. I would create stories in my head of who they were and how they lived life on the mountain top. I would imagine the children […]

Be Still


In such a time as this, I am reminded to BE STILL. In the past, it was common for me to scroll through Facebook and see how everyone else was having fun while I was immobilized by despair. The more I would scroll, the more I would sink further into feelings of hopelessness. Looking back, it would […]

Auto Correct

Auto Correct “Train up a child in the way he should go, And when he is old he will not depart from it.” Proverbs 22:6 (NKJV) The phrase “Helicopter Parenting” is growing rapid in today’s society. It has been written in several articles lately about how parents are not allowing their kids any breathing room […]

Monthly Budget

Monthly Budget “What we need has already been paid for. ” ~Iyhia McMichael Financial advisors are sometimes necessary to help keep our finances in order. They help us create an avenue for financial freedom that we all desire, along with a cushion for emergencies and retirement. Although I am not a qualified financial advisor, I […]

Standing Out

Standing Out “It is only by our purpose that we find meaning within the crowd.” ~Iyhia McMichael About four months ago, while on an eight hour bus trip, our softball team decided to watch the movie Unbroken.   I had recently seen it at the movie theater and, I, along with everyone else sat frozen […]

Dark Roads

Dark Roads “The place beyond the light which appears to be dark, is truly where the light of the Lord shines!” ~Iyhia McMichael      This past weekend, I spent many long hours recruiting at the softball fields. I loved that I had the opportunity to watch athletes play the sport I fell in love with at the […]

A Fresh Perspective

A Fresh Perspective “Sometimes it takes a new set of eyes in order to see a fresh perspective.” ~Iyhia McMichael Today I understood the beauty of change and a fresh perspective with my recent trip to the dentist office. Although I did not enjoy getting two cavities on a Monday morning, I am thankful for […]

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