Be Kind

I had an incredible opportunity this weekend to SLOW DOWN; a much anticipated and much needed pace for me. I was able to experience life, be an actual participant in it in a way that created memories that will last a lifetime.

During my time away, I learned some life lessons that traveled through my ears and landed deep within my soul.

Surround Yourself With Really Good People: A simple, yet powerful statement. While in the midst of the company I was honored to be around this weekend, I was reminded how important this truly is; I was surrounded by people who made me better, good wholesome people who held space for me to be exactly who I was created to be. To be in this place was reassuring, comforting, and safe.

Reassuring in that my thoughts, ideas, and expressions were welcome. Comforting in knowing that I can say nothing or everything and both held just as much value, and safe in knowing that who I am was accepted (flaws and all) no judgement zone.

Being Kind: The word KIND resonated with me this weekend in a beautiful harmony where the word and the action meshed. Kind in its experience for me this weekend showed up in my friend and her husband scheduling a trip to Maine just for me; in support of me earning my Doctorate. Kind showed up in two people whom I never met opening their home to me and my family. Kind showed up in the attention to detail from our hosts ensuring my needs were met without me having to say a word. Kind showed up in observation of two life-long friends whose friendship was so endearing that it brought tears to my eyes. Kind showed up watching married couples share loving glances, soft touches, words of affirmation, and shared silence.

A kind of KIND that resurfaced hope for me that love is worth waiting for. Being KIND; a quality not originally on my list of character traits for a future mate but is now in the forefront; to be KIND is to show love.

Time: An aspect of this life that is forever fleeting; so precious that if we do not hold space for it will surely slip our grasp in a meaningless way. Time is worth our attention and valuable to us and the people we share it with; which makes it so important to remember to surround ourselves with good people. I have learned that we get to choose who we hold space for in the time we have left in this life- and the value they bring to our lives are worth investing in.


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Be Kind

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  1. Oh, Iyhia!! You have such a way with words! Never stop writing!! I’m so happy you had such a great time! God has great things planned for you, my friend!❤️

    Missy May 21, 2019 at 2:36 pm #

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