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Honest Mom

When I look at this picture I can’t help but to feel proud. It made me proud in a way one might not think. I remember this season in Ian’s life like the back of my hand. He endured a tough season of Acceptance, Reality, Frustration, and Growth. Acceptance:I remember it like it was yesterday. […]

Be Kind

I had an incredible opportunity this weekend to SLOW DOWN; a much anticipated and much needed pace for me. I was able to experience life, be an actual participant in it in a way that created memories that will last a lifetime. During my time away, I learned some life lessons that traveled through my […]

Cheers to 2017


2017 was a year to be remembered. I wanted to share the Top 10 memories with you from this year, and give a HUGE THANK YOU for all your prayers, encouraging words, and support for me as I journey through this platform the Lord has given me. 2018, I’m ready for ya! I CHOSE MOM: […]

Partner of Purpose

     I am excited to share this post!  It comes after a revelation I had with the purchasing of my new car. I went into the car dealership to specifically purchase a Tahoe. I had a one tracked mind and I wasn’t willing nor did I look at anything else.      But when […]



     Today, I’m thankful for clothes of Purpose. There’s something inspiring that happens when you wear clothes with a meaning.      The word EMPOWER speaks to me on so many levels as the Girls Athletic Director, head softball coach, mom, and so many other hats. This word is what wakes me up at […]

In the Arena

     Today I’m thankful for a quote I read often as a reminder to stay encouraged no matter my circumstances. A quote to remind me that it’s not the judgment from the people “outside the arena” that counts, but the encouragement from those “inside the arena” who also have the boldness to chase their […]

Maroon & White

Today I am thankful for the Maroon and White. I was asked recently what it meant to have worn the Maroon and White as a Mississippi State Bulldawg. Trying to capture my experiences, my pride, my loyalty, and my passion to a program who served as a catalyst for helping me find myself is worth […]

Take the Chance

It’s always a special time when you can experience life beyond the environment that started the friendship. To go from strangers, to teammates, to moms is such an incredible journey and to now have our kids experience not only the friendship made between their moms, but to create their own is truly a blessing. 1 […]

Life is a Classroom

Traveling is always stressful, and even more so when you add kids in the mix. I knew today would be a long day of traveling, so I prepared myself as much as I could asking God to please layer me with an extra dose of patience. What does God do? Just like the old adage […]

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