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Red, White & Blue

    I originally was going to blog about the joys of being a mother, but as I was driving home I found myself frozen still in time as I watched our great American flag waving against the afternoon breeze.  As I watched the red, white, and blue flag waving, I could not help but […]

But, God

I have to take a deep breath while writing this blog…partly because I’ve been holding it for too long and the other part of me is so relieved to let it out. What I’m learing about healing  is that I’m not going slow enough. My mom has always said that patience is not my strongest attribute. Boy, […]


I cannot help but to smile right now. I feel so good.   The things that I thought meant so much to me are now hardly in my “thought cyle.” Sometimes I have to stop and wander where they went. And even then, when I try to find them there is no connection. That’s when I […]


I have posted before about the importance of making decisions and sticking to them. So many times I have heard good information but failed to take a stance, and  it has caused me to deal with the same issues for far too many years. It’s amazing to me how I can hear something over and […]


I have come to love Saturdays. The smell of morning coffee, the sunlight squeezing through the blinds and my lil man kissing me on the cheek ready to face the day full on. He starts my day with smiles and laughter. The best feeling is when he crawls to lay his head on my chest […]

My Future

This has been a tough battle. I have been in the boxing ring with my circumstances longer than I ever imagined. Internally  I had my own secret deadline that I expected my trouble to be gone by. Can you believe it? I actually had a timeline that I expected God to have worked it all […]

It’s Ok

This particular post  I am pretty excited to write about. Mainly because it has been so refrehing.  Each day I am learning to let go a little bit more of my past and looking ahead so excitedly toward my future. “The good ol days” doesn’t mean that my future is not going to be even […]

Past vs. Future

I feel like I”m coming into this place of new beginnings. Not only am I coming into it..its pretty exciting, nerve wrecking and fearful all at the same time. I never thought I could come out of  or go through such chaos with so much calmness. I mean when I think about all that I’ve […]

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