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Iyhia_inChainsLife brings forth a period of un-forecasted storms that leave us questioning the very platform we use for security. It comes un-expectantly and un-welcomed unraveling the strength we wore so proudly only as a Monet.

Through the pain and despair we find ourselves vulnerable for change and at the dark end of the color spectrum. Each day we try to find strength to grasp for the life line that will propel us closer to freedom.

I had to do the hard work of healing and letting go of who I was and rediscover who I was meant to be. It was painful and I felt naked with emotional vulnerability searching for familiarity. I had to shed the layers of unworthiness, low self-esteem, and fear, and replace them with self-worth, self-value, and boldness. As I moved from fear to freedom I wore my bright colors proudly on the outside as a testament to the healing process that I had evolved from on the inside.

I want to create a movement, a forum, a security where people can feel encouraged through their journey and be reminded that they are not alone. One of the most powerful phrases that a friend said to me through my journey was, “I get it!” Such a short but powerful saying, because that’s all we need during our journey-understanding.

The journey is not easy, but it is worth it. So do not be discouraged if you find yourself on the dark end of the color spectrum, I want you to know that “I get it!”

Join me in discovering the beautiful journey from brokenness to freedom as we find ourselves…

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